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Use of holiday cottage

The owner will give the keys to the client at the place stated or otherwise agreed upon and at the pre-arranged time. On departure the cottage, its furnishings and contents should be left in the condition they were on arrival.


Unless otherwise agreed upon the client should bring with them their own bed linen and towels. The client is responsible for the cleaning of the cottage during his stay and prior to departure unless otherwise agreed. Following departure, should it be necessary for the owner to clean the cottage he has the right to charge the client a cleaning fee.


During the hire period the owner will be responsible for clearing the access routes of snow using a tractor or snow plough. The client will be responsible for clearing the verandas, steps, patios and paths at their own risk.


In the event of any natural catastrophes or electricity supply disturbances related to third parties (electricity company) both the hire-responsible party and the client will not be subject to compensation (e.g. prevention of carrying out final cleaning).


The holiday cottage and its immediate surroundings may be used by the number of people for which the reservation has been made. Camping, the use of tents and other additional accommodation facilities on the grounds is forbidden. Open fires in the region of the cottage and during periods of fire warnings is forbidden.


The client is responsible to pay for any damage caused to the cottage, its fittings and contents.


Smoking in the cottages is forbidden as is the bringing of pets into the cottages. All pets who will accompany the client should be declared on making the reservation although they remain outside.


Comments, complaints and settling of disputes

Any comments and complaints during the hire period should be made to the cottage owner. In the first instance all disputes should be settled through negotiation. Should the dispute not be resolved the client may make a written complaint within one month of the end of the hire period. Should the hire-responsible person and the client not reach agreement the client may make a complaint to the Consumer Protection Board. The hire-agreement is covered by Finnish Law and any disputes will be referred to the District Court. We reserve the right to price changes.

Holiday-cottage booking conditions

The conditions are binding on both parties when the client has confirmed the booking by paying, as a minimum, the booking fee.



Clients can make their reservations through the internet according to the instructions given or, for instance, by phone. The client will be sent either by post or e-mail a reservation confirmation which will state:

• the name and address of the cottage owner

• instructions as to where to obtain the key and also to the location of hired cottage

• information concerning payment for additional services and the cottage hire terms

• a bank transfer for the advance booking fee and final payment together with payments for additional services.

The booking is confirmed when the client has paid the advance booking fee (30% of the hire charge) by the due date (10 days from the invoice date). Alternatively when the client has paid both the advance and final payments by the due date.



The advance payment must be paid by the due date. The final payment must be paid by the stated due date or at least six (6) weeks before the start of the hire period. Should the reservation be made within six (6) weeks of the start of the hire period, then a down-payment will not be required but the whole payment should be made by the due date. If the client does not comply with the terms of payment, the contractor shall be entitled to hold the booking agreement to canceled and removed.


Should the total hire payment be less than 250 euro then the total sum must be paid within 10 days of the invoice date. The cottage hire charges and other services include VAT. All comments concerning the invoice should be made within 7 days of the date of the invoice.



All cancellations must be made in writing (web page, letter, e-mail or fax). The cancellation is only valid when it is received by the person responsible for the reservation.


Should the client be able to show that the cancellation has been made and sent to the right address in time, the cancellation will be accepted although it is delayed or does not arrive. Advance payments and possible administration costs will be retained by the cottage owner.


Any agent involved may, in addition, charge the client their own costs. Should the cancellation occur within 21 days of the start of the hire period then the total hire charge will become payable together with the costs of any additional services. Should, however, the holiday venue be subsequently hired out to another client for that period then the hire charge will be returned together with payments made for additional services less a 80 € cancellation fee.


Should the client himself or someone living with him (wife/husband, open-law partner, own children) become ill, become involved in an accident or die, the client has the right to have returned any sums paid less the cancellation fee and any other administration costs. Cancellation in these circumstances should be made immediately to the responsible hire-arranger and proof should be given of cause of cancellation e.g. doctor’s certificate.


Cancellations made during the hire period will not be accepted and refunded. Should the client change the reservation this shall be treated in accordance with the previous stated cancellation procedures and as a new reservation. The cottage owner or agent can cancel a reservation in a force majeure situation. In this case the client has the right to have any paid sums refunded in total.